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Socialist Party Leicester

Who we are and what we stand for

The following link takes you to a list of our demands on the Socialist Party homepage:

What we stand for

And here we introduce ourselves:

The Branch and its Members

We are working class people just like you. Unlike other political parties we do not abandon all we stand for, for the sake of a career in politics. We want to fight against cuts, school closures or whatever concerns working class people. Here is what we have done until now in Leicester:

Our Record

We have campaigned for a decent minimum wage, for decent benefits against council cuts and against the government charging 3,000 top up fees a year to go to university. For more info on students click socialist students. We have also campaigned against "slave labour" government training schemes. We have opposed privatisation both in the schools and hospitals in Leicester. We have fought against council cuts. We have also opposed the neo-fascists attempts to build racism and prejudice. We also have played a role in opposing the war in Afghanistan.

Save our Schools

Leicester's Labour Council is now planning to build 2 schools in Leicester, based on privatisation. Yet only a couple of years ago we played a leading role in the campaign against school closures in Leicester. The City Council has shut 6 secondary schools and 2 sixth forms to create a new "super school" of 2100 pupils. (Although the emnity towards this school from local people has meant many places have never been taken up). The real reason was to save money by employing less teachers. Inevitably, as we predicted, this meant a worse education, and also a destruction of community facilities based in these schools.

The action groups in each school were been pulled together in one campaign. There were numerous demos of up to 700 people, road blocks, school occupations and disruption of council meetings and the campaign was taken to the Secretary of State for Education, David Blunkett. Parents and pupils defied the council and occupied classrooms at Wycliffe.

The campaign goes on...Yes to local schools, but No to privatisation and selection.

For more up to date happenings on this and other issues read our newsletter latest news

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